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We are sincerely grateful to all our customers and partners for their support. The following testimonials show only some of the tremendous feedback we have received this year. If you would like to share your own experience then please do not hesitate to Email Us with 'Feedback' in the subject line.
THANK YOU. This program now works great. I was having some problems about the annoying popups from my FireFox and was not able to get them fixed. Your program helped me out. I am now very excited about this program since it is working properly. Thanks again for all your help!
Diane Godfrey - Liverpool, UK
Hi! Your program Best Spyware Scanner one of best unless the best!
Thank you.
Jackson M. - USA
Your suggestion works! My computer seems faster than before.
Thank you for your prompt response. It shows true customer service. =)
Mary Taylor - NY, USA
You are the only company I bought that tried and completed the removal of my spyware problem. Good work. I like your product and I am asking for a refund from the other companies. Thanks a million.
Paul Smith - Belfast
Dear Friends,
Once again, I am very very happy with BestSpywareScanner. I had never know a spyware Killer as good as that! That is wonderful. My computer is running like new. You really do a very good job. You did rescued my PC. I wish you all the best to the all team from France. I have told my friends about BestSpywareScanner and believe me I will try to get you customers. Have a nice week end, don\'t work to hard!

Your French Friend,
Emmanuel DUBOIS - Lyon, France
All is well, the new build installed easily and I was able to input the license code now.
Thank you very much for the effort you guys have helped to make the program work. And, I was finally able to solve the two viruses on my computer. It's very, very sweet to get your instant help.

Thanks again for all your help.
Shelly - NY, USA
I personally consider that the function of Repair & Clean of Best Spyware Scanner is a great offer additional to your Online Scan and spyware removal. It enables me to clean up the system garbage, and repair some errors. My computer runs much faster now. Furthermore, your frequent database update bring back all my confidence in Internet surfing. Your product is totally worth the money! Good job!
Mcgraw Hill - Toronto, Canada
Great thanks, both for the clarification and for the very quick response. I'm most impressed with your customer service and will spread the word accordingly.
William J. - Italy
"Your Reply is the BEST personalized reply I have received in my 12 years of learning the computer since I retired. I cannot begin to tell you how much your very prompt and knowledgeable reply lifted my spirits, which is something I need every day! Do you happen to have a clone that I can put in my pocket for some warm tight hugs during the day? Thank you so much for being so professional, I just love you!"
"Thank you so much for this analysis of where I got your product. I was very confused on this question. You have done such a beautiful job checking it out and letting me know what happened. You know more about me than I do! Are you sure you do not have a clone?"
"Thank you again Amy! I hope I can meet you someday so I can thank you personally! It certainly has been a pleasure to work with you! Your patience and understanding and kindness to this senior citizen should keep me going another 50 years at least, right! :0) Please have a wonderful week; and may God bless you for keeping Him so clearly in your spiritual mind's eye! You are obviously a very choice daughter of His!"

Your friend, Jim
- Parts of feedback emails from one of our customers Jim D.
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