Name: Worm.Win32.Agent.ih
Infected OS:Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista
Risk Level: Severe  

Similar Threats: BHO.GWM, Dropper.Generic.AEXK, BackDoor.Generic10.DPU,
What is Worm.Win32.Agent.ih?

Worm.Win32.Agent.ih is a virtually unstoppable computer parasite that rapidly spreads through unsolicited Email, P2P networks or get bundled with downloads you make from certain Internet sources of doubtful trustworthiness. When this malware gets inside your workstation, Worm.Win32.Agent.ih replicates itself by creating tiny copies of its malcode and attaching them to System directories. Worm.Win32.Agent.ih will consequently enforce your system to run malicious process which is derivative of the threat’s malicious activity.

Worm.Win32.Agent.ih is a kind of malicious program designed by hijackers to attack and compromise computers. Worm.Win32.Agent.ih spreads through the Internet, and usually sneaks into your computer without your notice. Computer Worm.Win32.Agent.ih can obviously slow down your computer speed, interrupt you from normal surfing on the Internet, and even make the whole system crash. Once you have Worm.Win32.Agent.ih on your computer, remove it immediately! Scan & Remove Worm.Win32.Agent.ih.

Worm.Win32.Agent.ih intrudes in your computer?

Many computer users may always get alert from their antivirus software that Worm.Win32.Agent.ih is detected, but can't be removed and quarantined. Or, this malicious threat appears again after deletion, which annoys people very much. Here, specifically against Worm.Win32.Agent.ih, I would like to introduce some technique in order to effectively get it removed. Before automatically removing Worm.Win32.Agent.ih, you need a reliable program that is able to scan out and remove this threat completely. This allows you to remove Worm.Win32.Agent.ih once for all.

How can you remove Worm.Win32.Agent.ih quickly?

Removal Instruction

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