Name: Rootkit.Win32.Agent.egs
Category: Backdoor
Infected OS:Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista
Risk Level: Medium Level  

Similar Threats: TR/Patched.DR.125.trojan, BDS/Pcclient.BN.8.backdoor, ADSPY/Bho.Delf.C.2.adware,

Description: Rootkit.Win32.Agent.egs, one of the illegal malicious programs that pretend it to be normal one, usually invades computer system without the users’ consent and knowing. Most of these malicious items will pop up annoyingly or even interrupt the internet connection oftentimes. To get rid of Rootkit.Win32.Agent.egs completely may be a little difficult for common users, especially for those computer newbie.

How do you get into this Rootkit.Win32.Agent.egs virus mess?

Reasons for getting Rootkit.Win32.Agent.egs on your PC may be as follow: firstly, you may download and install programs that marked with FREE online. Rootkit.Win32.Agent.egs may store on them and then get into your PC by installing these programs. Moreover, hard driver or USB flash disk that containing malicious items is input in your machine. Rootkit.Win32.Agent.egs will then easily sneak into your system.

What does Rootkit.Win32.Agent.egs do to your computer?

Generally speaking, Rootkit.Win32.Agent.egs can bring grave damage to your hardware and software. By formatting hardware on your PC, you will find your PC can not run properly anymore. Data on these disks may come to nothing because Rootkit.Win32.Agent.egs can destroy it and make it disappear from your system. For the software, Rootkit.Win32.Agent.egs can even disable some of them. To better protect your PC security and eliminate Rootkit.Win32.Agent.egs from your PC, you can take the following solutions right now! Check Your PC for Rootkit.Win32.Agent.egs and other threats immediately!

How to remove Rootkit.Win32.Agent.egs manually?

1. Remove the registry entries hidden by Rootkit.Win32.Agent.egs. Do you find some programs on your PC run abnormally? Then you should check the following entries in the Registry, and directly delete the spyware-related registry entries if found.


2. It is possibly a way to load the "Rootkit.Win32.Agent.egs" malicious programs, by hiding within the system WIN.INI file and the strings "run=" and "load=", so this must be carefully checked.

3. Clean up IE Temporary file folder where the original carrier of spyware threats is likely stored.

How to remove Rootkit.Win32.Agent.egs completely and automatically?

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