Category: Unknown
Infected OS:Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista
Risk Level: Medium Level  

Similar Threats: PSW.Generic6.AEYT, PSW.Generic2.IWO, Downloader.Generic4.GSW,

PSW.Generic6.AFSO is a suspicious program that may do harm on your computer without your notice. If PSW.Generic6.AFSO is developed by hackers with malicious purposes, it can act like any other malware, such as slowing down your computer, displaying unknown ads, changing your system settings, stealing your personal information, and so on. Check and remove malicious PSW.Generic6.AFSO.

Warning:Never ignore the PSW.Generic6.AFSO on your computer, for it is possibly a severe PC threat which may lead to many un-expectable damages on your computer. Before you have to take your computer to a shop for the mess PSW.Generic6.AFSO has done on your system, please pay high attention to it. You are recommended to run Best Spyware Scanner immediately to scan and diagnose PSW.Generic6.AFSO for a safe computer security.

Do you notice that your computer runs abnormally now? Do you find traces of PSW.Generic6.AFSO on your system? Is your computer infected by any malicious threats?

1. The followings are registry entries that may have been modified by a malicious PSW.Generic6.AFSO:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion Explorer\ShellFolders Startup="C:\windows\start menu\programs\startup

2. The followings are folders where PSW.Generic6.AFSO related files may locate:
C:\Program Files\

How to remove malicious PSW.Generic6.AFSO immediately?

To determine whether PSW.Generic6.AFSO is a threat or a legitimate file, please run a most effective scan with Best Spyware Scanner to check and diagnose PSW.Generic6.AFSO. This is because some spyware threats always try to hide themselves to prevent you from finding them by misspelling their names or pretend to be normal system files. If any suspicious or malicious file has really intruded into your computer, it will be detected immediately by Best Spyware Scanner. Simply remove the malicious item found to protect your computer.

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Diagnosis of PSW.Generic6.AFSO:

Methods to remove malicious PSW.Generic6.AFSO:The following two methods are used when the detected files can not be removed.

  • If you receive a Windows report that it can not delete PSW.Generic6.AFSO, it is likely because the file is in use. To remove the malicious PSW.Generic6.AFSO, you should close all the instructions on this page, restart the computer in Safe mode and then delete it by using Windows Explorer.
  • If the malicious file still can not be deleted in Safe mode, you are recommended to use the File Deletion function of Best Spyware Scanner to forcibly delete the file.

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