Category: DoS
Infected OS:Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista
Risk Level: Medium Level  

Similar Threats: Win32/TrojanDownloader.Small.CUX, Win32/TrojanDownloader.VB.AJS, Win32/TrojanDownloader.Small.NZV,

Dos.Win32.Tiny.ccc, one of the malicious DoS(Denial of Service) designed to invade a computer without the user’s consent. By sending a large amount of external demands, Dos.Win32.Tiny.ccc may ruin network system and lurk into your computer automatically. Since Dos.Win32.Tiny.ccc is extremely harmful to computer security, proper solution should be taken to remove it soon. To get rid of Dos.Win32.Tiny.ccccompletely may be a little difficult for common users, especially for those computer newbie. But you can get the best solution to remove Dos.Win32.Tiny.cccinstantly and easily now!Check whether your PC is infected by Dos.Win32.Tiny.ccc instantly!

Warning:Dos.Win32.Tiny.ccccan aims to bring grave damage to computer user’s hardware and software. Sometimes, it may format your hardware, disable the using of software and make your system run abnormally. To be worse, Dos.Win32.Tiny.ccc can make your PC go to blue screen or crashing which can lead to great lost to many users. Want to get rid of Dos.Win32.Tiny.ccc instantly? You should get an powerful tool for eliminating it now!

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1. The followings are registry entries that may have been modified by Dos.Win32.Tiny.ccc:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion Explorer\ShellFolders Startup="C:\windows\start menu\programs\startup

2. The followings are folders where Dos.Win32.Tiny.ccc related files may locate:
C:\Documents and Settings
C:\Program Files\

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