Name: Adware.AdServ
Category: Adware
Infected OS:Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista
Risk Level: Medium Level  

Similar Threats: Trojan.Spy.Win32.VB.aac, Trojan.Spy.Win32.Zbot.cdn, Trojan.Spy.Win32.Zbot.vx,
What is Adware.AdServ?

Adware.AdServ, acting like Adware or Spyware, can reside on your machine to track down your web-surfing habits, record them and transmit to remote intruders. As a result, Adware.AdServ will issue dozens of its adware pop-ups when you are surfing the web, no matter what website you try to visit. In addition to being extremely annoying, Adware.AdServ will almost disable normal use of web browser and record your online activities to subsequently pass them over to controlling attackers. Check your PC for Adware.AdServ and other PC threats.

Why do you get Adware.AdServ?

Many users do not know how their computers are invaded by Adware.AdServ until their PCs are in bad performance. Actually, in many cases, it is the users themselves who bring this malicious threat into their PCs, not anyone else! Why do I state this point? You know that many people know little about how to maintain computer security, and some even don't know it's possible to get a computer infected by Adware.AdServ or other PC threats while surfing the net. They just browse any website they like or download everything they want online but never think about the safety! If you are used to do like this, you need to take the following actions.(Click to Scan your computer instantly)

Where does Adware.AdServ locate?

Once installed, Adware.AdServ may generate some malicious files and registry entries. Meanwhile, it may change your Windows registry to cause further system problems.

Adware.AdServ related files may locate below:
C:\Program Files\

Adware.AdServ may modify the registry entries below:

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Generally speaking, there are two methods to prevent the attacks of Adware.AdServ.

  • One is your self-protection awareness. Sometimes, if we are more careful, patient and prudent, we can simply get rid of the annoying of Adware.AdServ and other unwanted software. So please do not ignore suggestions from your friends or online experts. Think about it before you leap.
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